Board Members


Mayyada Abu Jaber

Mayyada Abu Jaber is a Brookings Institution Global Scholar for Leaders in Girls Education and conducted a research to evaluate gender bias in the national Jordanian curriculum. Mayyada recommended policies and strategies to address evidence of inequality. As a result, Mayyada founded JoWomenomics as an independent non-profit organization to foster mindset change towards greater women’s economic participation. This entailed influencing labor law policies, conducting transformative behavioral change campaigns to reach more than 3000 community members, and providing job opportunities to more than 600 women marginalized communities in Jordan. Mayyada is the founder of World of Letters, a social enterprise that provides equity and justice to youth and women in the MENA region.

She was invited by President Clinton to share her expertise at the Clinton Global Initiative, 2011. Mayyada’s work was featured in the WISE summit in 2014 as one of 15 best practices in the world to tackle the Education/Employment interface. Mayyada served as an educational consultant at the office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah II. In 2017, Mayyada was recognized by the World Bank as an inspirational leader in the Middle East and North Africa. Mayyada is also recognized as one of the women leaders in the Arab World by The Gibran Chair for Value and Peace. Mayyada is part of the specialist group in the UN-Harmony for Nature Earth Jurisprudence group. Mayyada serves as a vice-chair of the Center for Environmental Ethics and Law (CEEL), a 501C non-profit based in the USA. Mayyada is currently working on a Ph.D. on Integral Development towards a Feminist Economy from the DaVinci Institute and received her Master's degree in Environmental Geology at Duke University and is fluent in Arabic, English, Pashtu and basic Urdu.


Razan Al Hadidi

Razan Al Hadidi has a High Diploma in Business Administration and over 20 years of professional experience in positions of curriculum development, project management and consulting, and local expertise. As a board member at JoWomenomics, Razan has developed and implemented training and capacity building activities on a career guidance program for the staff of the Ministry of Education. Razan provided monitoring and evaluation findings and recommendations to Project Management for corrective action on project implementation procedures and processes. Razan reviewed and provided technical feedback on monitoring and evaluation plans to ensure focus on measuring results. She evaluated the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase. She also assisted researchers in conduct focus groups and in the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, and coordinated with government institutions and other parties regarding program activities.


Maher Al Tal

Maher Al Tal received a Master’s degree in Political Science and has over 20 years of experience in leading strategy and organization development. Maher possesses a strong track record of influencing policy, building public/private partnerships, gaining international funding, and creating organizational structures and cohesive teams to deliver successful outcomes. He also leverages exceptional presentation and communication skills and strong networks to gain buy-in and raise awareness.

Maher holds the position of a General Manager at World of Letters and with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, he initiated programs, designed and implemented growth strategies.


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