Career Counseling

Career Counseling

JoWomenomics implemented 4 pilot career guidance programs in Madaba and Thiban devised to change the perception towards vocational work. The program was designed with the objective to change the culture of shame about vocational jobs as well as gender-based constraints related to career choices; particularly faced by women concerning vocational work. Additionally, the pilot program successfully trained 50 counselors from the Ministry of Education from all directorates.

The development of the content for the Career Counselling Program was inspired by the theory of transformative learning (developed by Mezirow) which details the process by which we come to question socially ingrained beliefs, and re-assess these values in a process of “rational discourse” and “critical reflection”; transforming those beliefs into a system of values that are “more justified to guide action” (Mezirow, 2000).

The program included activities and information which aimed to change youth mindsets regarding vocational work. This training engaged students with new perspectives, positive messages about women, and provided information about the labor market; equipping students with the appropriate self-evaluation and career planning techniques to improve the likelihood of employment and career advancement.

The Pilot career guidance program was implemented in four public schools (two boys schools, two girls schools), and divided between rural and urban areas in Jordan. The program targeted 114 students from grades 8 through 10. The pilot utilized selected counselors from the JoWomenomics ToT Career Counselling program.


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