Jowomenomics Pillars


Pillar 1

Working with businesses to ensure gender equity and social justice and to demonstrate feminist ethics of care, compassion, empathy, and mutual respect. This is achieved by working with the management and HR departments of businesses to ensure that equity and inclusion are reflected in their internal policies and part of their business culture. This includes providing a safe and secure workspace for all.


Pillar 2

In collaboration with FICRI, we engage in an authentic true dialogue about feminism and question and critique laws based on our history, culture and philosophy that once had a great regard for women. FICRI influences laws to offer economic and social justice for women.


Pillar 3

Shifting our masculine driven communities to a more collective, interdependent, and collaborative model; for a more synergetic and supportive society byInitiating a mindset change towards women’s economic participation by challenging the gendered division of labor and the role of women in society.

Feminist Education

Pillar 4

Using Transformation Learning Approaches (TLA) to catalyze behavior change through the process of critical reflection to identify societal beliefs and assumptions and apply dialectics and critically engage in a rational discourse to change internalized behaviors by experiencing positive examples.


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