Team Members


Mayyada Abu Jaber

Founder and CEO

Mayyada Abu Jaber is a Brookings Institution Global Scholar for Leaders in Girls Education and conducted a research to evaluate gender bias in the national Jordanian curriculum. Mayyada recommended policies and strategies to address evidence of inequality. As a result, Mayyada founded JoWomenomics as an independent non-profit organization to foster mindset change towards greater women’s economic participation. This entailed influencing labor law policies, conducting transformative behavioral change campaigns to reach more than 3000 community members, and providing job opportunities to more than 600 women marginalized communities in Jordan. Mayyada is the founder of World of Letters, a social enterprise that provides equity and justice to youth and women in the MENA region.

She was invited by President Clinton to share her expertise at the Clinton Global Initiative, 2011. Mayyada’s work was featured in the WISE summit in 2014 as one of 15 best practices in the world to tackle the Education/Employment interface. Mayyada served as an educational consultant at the office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah II. In 2017, Mayyada was recognized by the World Bank as an inspirational leader in the Middle East and North Africa. Mayyada is also recognized as one of the women leaders in the Arab World by The Gibran Chair for Value and Peace. Mayyada is part of the specialist group in the UN-Harmony for Nature Earth Jurisprudence group. Mayyada serves as a vice-chair of the Center for Environmental Ethics and Law (CEEL), a 501C non-profit based in the USA. Mayyada is currently working on a Ph.D. on Integral Development towards a Feminist Economy from the DaVinci Institute and received her Master's degree in Environmental Geology at Duke University and is fluent in Arabic, English, Pashtu and basic Urdu.


Mohammed Al Ammad

Operations Manager

Mohammed Al Ammad is a trainer in the field of personal skills development, founder and partner of the company (Big Bag for training), and is specialized in the field of practical training and training outside the halls. He is also an accredited trainer to the Jordanian Forum for Youth Innovation and works as a consultant to a group of projects funded for the development and rehabilitation of youth in Jordan, such as the Danish game project and camp the People of Determination for Dar Abu Abdullah, Tekiet Um Ali, and Nahno which is one of the projects of the Crown Prince. Mohammed currently works as an operations manager for the JoWomenomics project funded by the Netherlands embassy in Jordan and contributes to the implementation of the media campaign for the Women as Partners in Progress project - Jordan, implemented by World of Letters.


Suhair Al Kayed

Content Manager and Gender Specialist

Suhair Al Kayed is a content manager and gender specialist. Suhair has more than 15 years of profound experience in project coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and designing development projects; she coordinated several projects inside Jordan and Iraq with profit, non-profit organizations, and international donors JICA and giz. Suhair holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and is also an expert in youth and women empowerment, capacity building, and skill development. She also conducted several TOT workshops and authored various manuals and technical guidelines on career counseling, employment services, and mentoring of working women.


Samar Tabbalat

Master Trainer

Samar Tabbalat is a certified master trainer for many international and local organizations, specialized in life skills training, and has a lot of experience in TOT at the regional level (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey). Samar has over 10 years of professional experience, working with underserved youth throughout the kingdom. And she developed and designed many training materials related to the programs through many NGO’s, as well as participated in editing and adopting manuals for international organizations in Jordan. Samar also has good experience in project coordination and management, monitoring, and evaluation as a senior quality control officer.


Marah Abdullah

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Marah Abdullah has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Al Ahliyya Amman University and worked in graphic design for over 3 years. She is specialized in social media designs and creating vibrant and colorful designs with the usage of digitally painted illustrations.


Liana Fakhouri

Administrative Assistant

Liana Fakhouri majored in English translation at Petra University and currently works as a Field Administrative Assistant at JoWomenomics. Liana worked in sales for a year and a half, assisted project managers with organizing and controlling project activities, oversaw the strategic planning process for the project and monitored the implementation of project components to ensure timely delivery of required inputs and achievement of a project-wide result. She also worked on language proofreading and fulfilled obligations by coordinating meetings, resources, equipment, and information.


Maya Ammarin


Maya Ammarin joined JoWomenomics after completing her first year of Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Fordham University Lincoln Center. Maya has worked on editing language errors in multiple reports and the JoWomenomics website and translating material from Arabic to English. She also worked on the marketing platform MailChimp in aims of reaching over a thousand audiences with a newsletter.

Maya has previous experience with a non-profit organization and an NGO in Jordan, namely Rasheed TI Jo and CARE International.


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