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Our belief system is to educate and empower young women of their right to thrive and prosper in their communities. With the little economic impact on the development of the Kingdom reinforced by out-dated cultural mindsets; women are financially disenfranchised, and victim to male-dominated power imbalances. As a result, entire communities of women are rendered ineffective and confined to the margins.

JoWomenomics supports women by developing the critical social, political, and economic infrastructures necessary for authentic women’s empowerment.

Our Story Breaking Glass Doors 

Our Mission Discover our vision and missions

Women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region face major challenges when transitioning from academia into the workforce; enduring crippling odds to obtain sustainable livelihoods.

As a result, female unemployment rates are high; negatively impacting poverty pockets in affected societies. Moreover, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan maintains the lowest female workforce participation in the world at 15%.

JoWomenomics seeks to provide women with social and vocational support; integrating them into local economic development (LED) structures; utilizing mind-set change as the basis of our engagement to better absorb women into economic development procedures.

The interventions encourage the initiation of a mindset change by challenging subjective beliefs pertaining to culture.

Glass Doors Discover Jowomenomics Goals

Though glass ceilings prevent us from ascending professional and societal ranks, we must also have the ability to make lateral shifts, the option/freedom/choice to move across societal landscapes without the presence of antiquated blockades. This is why Jowomenomics is working to shatter glass doors, to provide women the inalienable right to traverse the vast landscape of opportunities. *The concept of glass doors was developed following a study conducted at the Brookings Institution by Echidna Global Scholar Mayyada Abu Jaber in 2014.  

Our Goals Discover Jowomenomics Goals

  • To initiate a change in cultural mindsets towards women’s participation in the workforce.
  • Build local partnerships with local communities and private sector stakeholders to generate opportunities; encouraging economic empowerment.
  • Establish a committee of local entities and influential figures who strongly believe in a woman’s role in society; ensuring durable change in mindsets and behaviors.
  • Develop awareness campaigns to influence local communities through social media messaging; utilizing influential female leaders to change mind-sets.
  • Create educational programs that cater to women’s skills development for the private sector.
  • Provide ethical, labor law, and self-development training to employers.

Work process Jowomenomics Work Process


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